UPDATE - 2012

My apologies to the Band's loyal following.  I have been remiss in posting any updates for quite a while.  Unfortunately, while we have discussed presenting another Reunion, our efforts have been compromised by timing, conflicting schedules, luck and unforeseen circumstances.  I know the guys appreciate very much those of you who continue to visit these pages. Hopefully, we will have another Tour and an evening as successful as the 2003 event at some point in the proverbial not too distant future.

The group continues to play occasional benefits, most recently for a Fifties & Sixties Night at the Salesian Boys' & Girls' Club.  

Thank you all for your gracious support,

Michael Gallette 

Vandals Reunion Tour 2003

On April 26, following a ten year self-imposed hiatus, emboldened by the demands from the fans, inspired by their musical muses, in response to the unrelenting bad boys of the Rolling Stones and coinciding with the release of their latest CD which has already gone platinum (at least in Berkeley where it was engineered), The Vandals began their long awaited Reunion Tour at Bimbo's 365 Club, landmark North Beach site of the band's triumphant 1993 comeback.

Over five hundred Vandalites attended the reunion and they were still dancin' on their way out the door at the end of the evening.  And, as you read this, they may even be dancing at home to the Vandals CD which you can purchase, if you must absolutely have it, by printing out the reply card on the Reunion Invitation page. If you missed the show, please check back periodically. We'll have images, sound clips and backstage shenanigans (Did he really use that word?) to share with you.   

Please tour the site, return for updates, tour schedules and write to your favorite Vandal by using one of the e-mail links and typing their name in the subject box.

Thanks for dropping in-ternet.


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